Papa Gino's graffiti desktop background
Papa Gino's kitchen desktop background

Virtual Backdrops

Impress your friends, co-workers and clients when you show up for a “meeting” in style with a Papa Gino’s virtual backdrop. No one will leave that meeting without their stomach grumbling.

them out

Work From Home

Impress Your Friends

Make Everyone Hungry


Red checkered tables just scream Papa Gino’s! Everyone online will be jealous they aren’t with you enjoying a slice!

Papa Gino's restaurant desktop background


Download this great backdrop and have everyone in your meeting drooling!

Papa Gino's kitchen desktop background

Neon Lights

Woop Woop! Add this background to your next virtual meeting and get the meeting started off right!

Papa Gino's neon lights desktop background


Graffiti is pure art – especially when it’s Papa Man heading your way on his skateboard. Let the meeting begin!

Papa Gino's graffiti desktop background


Even if it’s not summer, it can feel like it! Pizza by the pool is where your next meeting will be!

Poolside pizza virtual background


Get close up and personal with Papa Gino’s with this delicous backdrop!

Close up view of pizza

Work From Home

Not only will everyone be impressed with your neat and organized living room but they’ll be so jealous of your lunch! #WFH

Papa Gino's desktop background
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